Company Ethos

Our Company Ethos is to try and produce sensitive creative designs based upon our clients briefs & vision to fit their needs & requirements sympathetic to their financial positions !

Our Company Ethos is to achieve desirable living quality standards through well considered design to inspire & improve people’s quality of life sympathetic to their financial budgets !

Company Aim

Our aim to try and offer a first class one to one service to produce a carefully considered design catering to each client’s individual personal requirements based up on their briefs to incorporate their vision to fit their specific needs and cope with the ever moving and endless demands of modern life and living within the 21st Century which is why we are always keen to push the boundaries of design to cope with such evolving demands within the law.

Whilst we endeavor to try and do our best to satisfy our clients goals & visions within their briefs & budgets , we are also sensitive to and take into consideration both the Existing Property as well as any & all adjoining properties and surrounding sites as its context regarding its location as well as any impact they may have on the environment which hopefully reflects within every design we produce whether it be from the smallest structural alteration / modification to an entire proposed new site to be redeveloped.

We are also keen enthusiasts of all sensitive ethical environmental issues & aspects relating to sustainability and try to take special care , attention & consideration within our design to try and encourage our Clients to retain & recycle as much of the existing Buildings and its Materials wherever possible and incorporate & introduce such elements like renewable energies i.e. Solar Panels , Air / Wind , Ground Source Heat Pumps & Hydro where they are and would be financially viable and beneficial to the project without causing any detriment or damage to the building or its environment , which ultimately should all contribute to making the project more economical to build in the first stage / phase and also to run in the future.

Being from a predominantly technical construction background our principles and views towards Construction are simple, logical, rational & practical and whilst we are always looking for new ways to adopt new methods to create & achieve our designs incorporating new materials and methods of construction, we are particularly sensitive not to try and do this at the cost / impediment of our clients expense which would make for an overall unnecessary uneconomical build. ‘We Don’t Believe in Re-inventing the Wheel’ or ‘Gilding the Lilly’